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ERP to Boost Your Business Productivity

Our ERP accounting software facilitates your company for implausible performance and assists to plan business strategies,
predict and provide an authentic financial report of your financial health.
Flexible Scalable Platform

Our flexible platform provides direct interaction with developers for the conveyance of client’s requirements and offers an incredible experience in database administration and support services. We enable fact-based decisions with robust, built-in analytics to help you achieve the strongest and immaculate proficiency. We not only assist to develop world-class business practices and bring transparency to the organization but also demand flexibility in the process of decision making.

Responsive & Reliable Support:

We have the best customer satisfaction rating because we don’t care about our success, only care about our customer’s achievement. Throughout the life of your ERP solution, support is crucial for us. Improvements and growth will continue to the surface till the end of ERP.

Smart Connected Experiences

We assist you to centralize the tiniest data of your business and help you to navigate your own journey to modernization by sharing the information we’ve gained from a wide range of clients. ERP implementation leaves no chance of error and make your business experience smoother and more trusted as well. By tracking all aspects regarding your business such as production, financials and distributions, ERP provides transparency into the entire business.

Our Moto is your best future

Consider yourself free from technical constraints with Prismatic Technologies and pay attention to
your growing business to achieve effective goals.
General Ledger:

Our General Ledger ERP module combines the power to give you critical information, and ideally suited for manufacturing operations, requiring full support of multi-division and financial accounting.


Our Inventory management system provides visibility of all material movement within an organization and has the capability to increase efficiency by tackling a number of common challenges.

Purchase & Payable

Under the finance segment of ERP purchasing & payable module provides the multi-currency functionality, structured vendor master data, invoices, complaints, credit notes and transfer orders.

Sale Receivable

Our ERP Sale & Receivable provides critical visibility while giving you the manufacturing ERP accounting software tools and offer an effective and organized system for maintaining customer.


We enable organizations to use one system to manage business processes. Our manufacturing module forms a single platform and complete solution that covers all areas of inventory, finance and production.


We offer a secure web-based module that empower employees to view updates & information without filling out forms and waiting for human resources to enter it into the system.

Business Values

Improved Efficiency

Our innovative technology can manage business activities, collect all data and provide peace of mind to the owner of a company that handles the day-to-day challenges of executing your business strategy and ensure that your organization can grow easily. It improves databases, finance and marketing. The CEO gets data of sales, finance and various business units with several numbers in the form of a snapshot, that develops efficiency of business.

Increased Productivity

If your business is irrespective of its scale and fails to achieve the desired goals, then our accounting software should be your next priority. Your business accounts, your database management, meetings and target scheduling are well kept, but maintaining them requires the tedious task of data entry.

Enhance inventory Costs

ERP consulting services can assist any business to enhance their inventory holding costs by providing an accurate overview of data records and the source of how they attach to every function of the business of that company. You will be able to control all aspects and entire operations of your business from one system and be able to make your organization more effective and efficient.

Reduced Risks

Our accounting ERP software provides several functions that can control uncertainty and risks of your business. By providing a seamless way to interact and negotiate with supplier’s ERP reduces several risks of compliance variance by monitoring your firm’s process.

Assess Your Business Potentials and Find Opportunities for Bigger Success

Our Dedicated team of in-house developers has extensive industry specific experience building custom software solutions and applications. We ensure we will be there when you need any help regarding your ERP system.
  • Purchases And Stocks
    • Suppliers
    • Orders
    • Inventory Management
  • Sales & Commercial Management
    • Clients
    • Billing
    • E-Commerce Interface Management
  • Accounting Management
    • Accounting
    • Fixed Assets
    • Analytic
  • Production Management
    • Machine Availability
    • Production Orders
    • Quality, Compliance
  • HR Management
    • Personnel Data
    • Pay
    • Training