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5 Best Java Books For Beginners

2021-04-20 09:42:24

Everyone talks about learning from online training courses, YouTube, free courses on Coursera, Udemy, and other websites, which is great as these courses will help you learn faster. However, I think books should still be an important part of your learning.

If you are learning Java Programming, get ready to know some of the most amazing books to learn and master Java Programming in this article.

Whenever a programmer begins to learn the Java programming language, the first question he asks is: "Which book should I consult to learn Java? "Or" What are the best Java books for beginners? "or" Can you tell me some good books for learning Java? "That, in itself, says how important Java books are to programmers, especially beginners.

Despite having so many free resources available in Java, such as tutorials, online courses, tips, blogs, and code samples, Java books have their place because:

  1. They are written by programmers who are the authority on the subject. They cover the topic with more details and explanations.
  2. These books are best available today and are equally useful for beginners, intermediate, and advanced Java programmers.

It doesn't matter if you are completely new to Java or have been programming in Java for some time; you will learn many new things through these books.

That said, not all books are equally suitable for all Java developers. For beginners, Head First Java is still the best book to start with, and for the advanced Java developer, Effective Java is a good book to start with. The 11 best books to learn Java programming:

Here is my collection of Java books that I suggest to all beginning and aspiring programmers who want to learn Java. Contains books for both beginners and experienced programmers.

These books cover various areas, including the basics of Java, the Java collection framework, multithreading and concurrency, internals of JVM and performance tuning, design patterns, and more, and these best books on java for beginners.

1.The Java programming language:

This comprehensive book with more than 350 pages of content covers everything we need to know about Java, its history, uses, structures, tools, and more.

2.Head First Java:

Many people will think this is an outdated book, but to be honest, Head First Java is the best book for any programmer who is new to both programming and Java. The first explanation is terrific and I really enjoyed your book.

The first head of Java encompasses essential Java programming knowledge about class, object, thread, collection, and language characteristics, such as generics, enumerations, variable arguments, or auto-boxing.

They also have some advanced sections on Swing, networking, and Java IO, making them a complete package and provide the best way to learn Java beginners. This should be your first Java book that you check out if you are starting from scratch.

3.Programming Basics for Absolute Beginners

If learning Java seems like a daunting task, have no fear! Java: Programming Basics for Absolute Beginners is an excellent book that provides a comprehensive introduction to Java that enables you to write programs and solve problems quickly. As you work on this book, you will learn about the most important Java topics along with 57 practical examples.

Java - Absolute Beginner Programming Basics was written especially for beginners and guides you step by step through the first program along with instructions on how to work with the Java Development Kit and Java Runtime Environment. Several examples illustrate each topic, such as data types, variables, constants, operators, typecasting, loops, decision making, and more. Buy Java: Programming Basics for Beginners

4.Think in Java (4th Edition):

If you want to think Java, then Think Java is the book for you! It is a practical tutorial that will introduce you in detail to write the most efficient Java code using the best Java features.

 This book contains over 700 working Java programs rewritten for the latest Edition of Java in this book.

5.Basic Java Manual

It is a very simple guide with the actual content to be able to start using Java. In less than 50 pages, it solves the most common questions about this language, what it is for, how to configure it and how to start programming in it.


Here are the 5 BEST JAVA books for beginners. Get these books and enhance your knowledge regarding Java. Beginners can easily get and increase their skills in IT. We offer solutions for network problems.