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What Is a Django Developer|Brief Introduction To Django

What Is a Django Developer|Brief Introduction To Django

2021-04-21 08:12:33

Django is a high-level Python framework, allowing rapid development of secure, maintainable websites. Created by experienced developers. Django developers take care of most of the hassle of web development.

Django helps you write an application that is:


Django follows the "Batteries Included" philosophy and provides almost anything developers could want to do. Since all you need is a part of this "product," everything works perfectly together, following consistent design principles, it also has complete and up-to-date documentation.


Django can be used to create almost any genre of the site - from data managers to wikis, to social media and news sites. It can work with any client-side infrastructure and return data in almost any format (including HTML, RSS, JSON, XML, etc.). The site you are reading right now is based on Django!

While it provides almost all the functionality you could need (like popular databases, modeling engines, etc.), it can still be extended to use other components as required.


Django helps developers avoid classic security mistakes by providing an infrastructure designed to "do the right thing" to protect websites automatically. For example, Django provides a secure way to manage user accounts and passwords, avoiding common mistakes like putting session information in cookies. They are vulnerable (instead of cookies only contain a key. The data is stored in the database) or directly store passwords instead of hashed passwords.


Django uses a "shared-nothing" composite architecture (each component of the architecture is independent of the others and can thus be replaced or changed if necessary). By having clear separations between the different parts, Django can scale itself during an increase in traffic by adding hardware at all levels: cache servers, database servers, application servers. Some of the busiest sites have managed to scale Django to meet their demand (e.g. Instagram and Disqus to name a few).

Where is Django from?

Originally, Django was developed between 2003 and 2005 by a web team responsible for creating and maintaining journalistic sites. After creating a number of sites, the team began to exclude and reuse recurring codes and architecture diagrams. 

This periodic code eventually evolved into a generic web development framework made available in open-source under the "Django" project in July 2005.

How popular is Django?

There is no ready and definitive measure of the popularity of server-oriented frameworks yet (although sites like Hot Frameworks attempt to estimate this popularity by using means like counting GitHub projects and questions on Stack Overflow for each platform). A better question would instead be whether Django is "popular enough" to avoid the problems of less popular platforms. Will it continue to evolve? Can you get help if you need it? Will you have any job opportunities if you learn Django?

Based on the number of recognized websites that use Django, the number of people contributing its source code, and the number of people providing free and paid support, yes, Django is a popular framework!

Why Django is the best choice for web development in Python?

For most developers, it is time to create a web application sooner or later. They will create the platform from scratch or use some frameworks that make the work process much easier and faster.

Django is the right choice for all Python developers who are looking for a framework for building a CMS, complex web application, API, or eCommerce.

Django is a high-level (back-end and front-end) web framework used to intuitively create efficient and attractive web platforms. It is based on Python, one of the most loved programming languages ​​by developers. It is therefore also easy to learn.

In this article we will explain why Django is the best choice for web development projects in Python in 2020, starting from the advantages of this framework.

The advantages of Django

There are many advantages of using Django over other frameworks. Here are a few:

Speed ​​of development: 

Django was created to make web application development quick to program. That is why various libraries are available, so there is no need to build the product from scratch or waste time developing something that already exists. The framework already offers many features: it is a battery-included framework.


Django can be used for any type of project and offers excellent scalability that allows you to manage the increase in traffic on the application simply and efficiently.

Backend and frontend: Django lends itself to the realization of monolithic applications and the realization of REST API or GraphQL.

Great for Data Science and Analytics: 

Django is based on Python, a programming language known for its use in AI development and machine learning. Therefore it is ideal for integrating a project with Machine Learning or performing any Data Science operation.


Community Support:

There is comprehensive and well-managed Django documentation with a large community for support in case of errors or problems.

How to install Django on Mac

Just install homeBrew then install python3 on your mac.

After that install VirtualEnvironment, cd to the project directory, and create virtual. Now activate virtualenv and install Django, create your project, and start it now. Django developer is one of the highest demands of this time.